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SPD Women's Lunch

The SPD women's lunch will be held Monday, May 31, 12:30-1:45 p.m., in Room 708 at the Colorado Convention Center. We, (the organizers) will purchase box lunches (sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit, a cookie, and water or a 'Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value' soda --- see sandwich and drink choices below) from the nearest Whole Foods Market, and distribute them in the meeting room. The cost for each meal is $12; any surplus will be donated to the Harvey Fund as was done last year. Payment in cash is due at the luncheon. The deadline for registration and cancellation is May 28, 5:00 pm; latecomers who did not sign up by this deadline will have to supply their own lunches. Please contact Judy Karpen if you have questions or suggestions for discussion topics.

If you plan on attending and would like to purchase a prearranaged meal, please select a sandwich and drink from the list below. If no sandwiches meet your dietary restrictions, contact us and we will make special arrangements. It is important that you remember what you ordered and remember to attend --- otherwise someone will be left without an acceptable meal or the organizers will not be reimbursed. If you plan on attending the meeting but are bringing your own lunch, please select the "No Sandwich" option so we can estimate how many people are coming.

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Sandwiches (choose one)

Roast turkey with provolone

Tuna salad

Roast beef with cheddar

Chicken salad

Mediterranean (hummus with grilled vegetables) *VEGETARIAN*

No Sandwich, but I plan on attending.

Drink Preference (choose one)



Key lime


Ginger ale

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