Radio Studies of Solar Flares

 Observations              Issues

Recent solar flare studies using the Owens Valley Solar Array (OVSA)

The 1999 August 20 flare

A giant SXT loop + a small HXT loop

Microwave source vs. EUV

The morphology

The microwave light-curves

1. HXR=time-dependent Injection

The gradual part of the microwave bursts

The net impulsiave microwave radiation

Summary of the 1999 August 20 Flare

The 1993 June 3 Flare

Spectral variation

Simulation of the light curve & spectral index

The Force-Free Field extrapolation

An isotropic injection model

Model with beamed injection (n10, μ, Δμ)

Comparison chart

The 2000 March 16 Flare

The 2000 March 22 Flare

The 2001 April 6 flare