OVSA Expansion Project Kickoff Meeting (Oct 25-27, 2010)


The OVSA Expansion team gathered at NJIT on Oct 25-27, 2010 for a kickoff meeting to get the OVSA Expansion Project started. The meeting was attended by 14 team members from NJIT, UC/Berkeley, AFRL, and NRAO. The agenda is shown below, with links to some of the talks.

Here are links to later meetings: Conceptual Design Meeting (2011 Apr. 25-27), Technical Design Meeting (2011 Nov. 07-09), Preliminary Design Review Meeting 2012 Mar 15-17, Prototype Review Meeting (2012 Sep. 24-26)


Monday, Oct. 25

8:30 AM Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM Welcome
Donald Sebastian, VP for Research, NJIT

9:10 AM Introduction to Project Team, and Goals of the Meeting Get PPT file
Dale Gary, NJIT

9:30 AM Overview of the Project, and Strawman Schedule Get PPT file
Dale Gary, NJIT

10:00 AM Site Development and Management Get PPT file
Kjell Nelin, NJIT

10:20 AM Break

10:40 AM Hardware Development: Antennas and Array Configuration Get PPT file
Dale Gary and Matthew Anderson, NJIT

11:00 AM Hardware Development: Analog and Digital Systems Get PPT file
Dale Gary, NJIT

11:20 AM Software Overview Get PPT file
Gordon Hurford, UC/Berkeley

11:40 AM RHESSI Databases and OVSA Get PPT file
James McTiernan, UC/Berkeley

11:50 AM Pipeline and Analysis Software Get PPT file
Stephen White, AFRL

12:10 PM Relationship to FASR and other projects
Tim Bastian, NRAO

12:30 PM ATA Technologies Appropriate for FASR
David DeBoer, UC/Berkeley

12:50 PM Lunch

2:00 PM General Discussion of Project, and planning for Tuesday work sessions

5:00 PM Review of Antenna and Controller Specifications

6:00 PM Adjourn

Tuesday, Oct. 26

8:30 AM Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM Science Goals
General Discussion

9:20 AM Modeling and Simulations: Overview
Gregory Fleishman, NJIT

9:40 AM Modeling and Simulations: Status
Gelu Nita, NJIT

10:00 AM Connection with other Solar Science
Haimin Wang, NJIT

10:20 AM Break

10:40 AM Work Session #1
Calibration (40 min)

Effort (40 min)
Antenna/Controller Specs (30 min)

12:30 PM Lunch

2:00 PM Work Session #2
Analog System (60 min)
Digital System (60 min)

4:00 PM Schedule, Resource Allocation

5:00 PM Summary and Next Steps

6:00 PM Adjourn

Wednesday, Oct. 27

8:30 AM Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM Planning for FASRóRevisit Strawman and Assumptions (Team, Site, Funding)

10:30 AM Break

10:50 AM Planning for FASRóUpcoming Workshop, Solar & Space Science Survey White Papers

12:00 PM Adjourn

New Jersey Institute of Technology