Preliminary Announcement
New Frontiers in Solar and
Space Weather Radiophysics
AAS/Solar Physics Division Topical Session
2002 June 04 (Tuesday afternoon)
Organizing Committee
Dale E. Gary, NJIT
Timothy S. Bastian, NRAO
Stephen M. White, U Md
Gordon J. Hurford, UC Berkeley
Christoph U. Keller, NSO

Radio observations of the Sun and solar disturbances in interplanetary space provide unique information on magnetic field and other properties of the solar corona, high-energy electrons, shock waves, and coronal mass ejections. The recent emphasis on Space Weather studies combined with the prospect of new ground and space-based solar radio instruments such as the Frequency Agile Solar Array (FASR) and the SWAVES instrument on the Stereo mission, make it timely to have a topical session on Solar and Space Weather Radiophysics. We have organized the session around a slate of invited talks on solar and interplanetary radio science and instrumentation, as detailed below.

Call for Posters: We are also organizing a parallel poster session for contributed papers, and invite all interested participants to submit abstracts for this poster session.

Space Weather and Solar Radio
Louis J. Lanzerotti
Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies
Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR)
Timothy S. Bastian
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Measuring Coronal Magnetic Fields
Stephen M. White
University of Maryland
Radio Studies of Electron Acceleration and Transport
Jeongwoo Lee
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Radio Frequency-Tomography of Solar Flares
Markus J. Aschwanden
Radio Signatures of Coronal Mass Ejections
Angelos Vourlidas
Naval Research Laboratory
Michael Kaiser
Goddard Space Flight Center
Interplanetary Radio Bursts
N. Gopalswamy
Catholic University
Prospects for a Solar Radar at Arecibo 
 William Coles
University of California, San Diego
3D Tomography of IP Disturbances
 Bernard V. Jackson
University of California, San Diego
Solar Radio Bursts and Their Effects on Wireless Systems
Dale E. Gary
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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