Solar Radiophysics with the
Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR)

National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Green Bank, WV 24944 USA
23-25 May, 2002

Respondees to Second Announcement
(Last Updated: 20 May 2002)

ACKERMAN, Edward; Photonic Systems, Inc.; Invited talk: Fiber Optic Technology for Antenna Remoting

ASCHWANDEN, Markus; Lockheed Martin, Solar & Astrophys. Lab.; Invited talk: Time Scales of Solar Flare Phenomena

BASTIAN, Tim; National Radio Astronomy Obs.; Invited talk: Science with FASR and strawman specifications; Invited talk: Configuration study

BENZ, Arnold O.; Institue of Astronomy, ETH; Invited talk: Decimeter burst emission

BOGOD, Vladimir; Special astrophysical observatory; Invited talk: Future plans and technical developments for the RATAN-600 telescope; Poster: Spectral and fine polarization features of cyclotron emission passing through filament.

BRADLEY, Richard; NRAO-CV; Invited talk: Broadband Feeds

BROSIUS, Jeffrey; Catholic University; Invited talk: Coronal Diagnostics With Coordinated Radio and EUV/Soft X-Ray Observations

CANE, Hilary; BIRS; Invited Talk: Meter wavelength radio bursts and what we still don't know; Poster: Type III Radio Bursts and Solar Energetic Particles

CRANE, Patrick; Naval Research Laboratory

DE BOER, David; SETI Institute; Invited talk: Antenna Farm Reflectors

DRAGO, Franca; Dept of Astronomy, University of Florence

EMERSON, Darrel; NRAO; Invited talk: Technical goals

ENOME, Shinzo; Invited talk: Nobeyama Perspective on Calibration

ERICKSON, Bill; BIRS; Invited talk: Active Balun/Dipole Development for the Low Frequency Array

ESCOFFIER, Ray; NRAO; Invited talk: Correlators

FISHER, Rick; NRAO; Invited talk: Spectral requirements and interference excision

FLEISHMAN, Gregory; Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute; Invited talk: Requirements for spectral and temporal resolution to study kinetic processes in solar plasma; Poster: On decimetric transition radiation in solar flares.

GARAIMOV, Vladimir; University of Maryland

GARY, Dale; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Invited talk: Phase A Study Activities and Workshop Goals; Invited talk: OVSA Experience of Relevance to FASR; Invited talk: Site Issues for FASR

GELFREIKH, George; Central (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory, RAS; Invited talk: Bremsstrahlung diagnostics of coroanl magnetic fields; Poster: On the problem of the magnetic field measurements in coronal holes using solar radio observations

GOPALSWAMY, Nat; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Invited talk: Radio observations of coronal mass ejections

GRECHNEV, Victor; University of Maryland

HUDSON, Hugh; UC Berkeley, Space Science Laboratory; Invited talk: The Yohkoh observations of solar flares

HURFORD, Gordon; University of California, Space Sciences Laboratory; Invited talk: The RHESSI - FASR Connection, Invited talk: Solar Calibration Strategies

KASSIM, Namir; Naval Research Laboratory; Invited talk: LOFAR

KELLER, Christoph; National Solar Observatory; Invited talk: Quiet Sun Studies

KERDRAON, Alain; Observatoire de Paris; Invited talk: Low -frequencies issues

KOSHIISHI, Hideki; National Space Development Agency of Japan; Poster: Restoration of Solar Images by the Steer-type Algorithm

KRUCKER, Sam; SSL UC Berkeley; Invited talk: Coronal Heating and Microbursts

KUNDU, Mukul; University of Maryland

LANZEROTTI, Louis J.; Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

LARA, Alejandro; Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM, Ciudad Universitaria; Poster: Solar Millimeter Telescope at Mexico

LEE, Jeongwoo; NJIT; Invited talk: Recent Studies of Solar Flares Using the OVSA

MARQUE, Christophe; Observatoire de Paris, LESIA; Poster: Thermal observations of the solar corona in the metric radio band


NINDOS, Alexander; University of Ioannina; Poster: Spatially resolved microwave oscillations above a sunspot


PICARD, Philippe; Nancay Observatory, Station de Radioastronomie

PICK, Monique; Observatoire de Paris; Invited talk: Coronal mass ejections and interplanetary transient disturbances

RAULIN, Jean Pierre; Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie; Poster: Solar radio emission time structures as observed by the Submillimeter Solar Telescope (SST). Poster: First detection of the impulsive phase of a solar flare at 405 GHz.

RODRIGUEZ, Paul; Naval Research Laboratory, Poster: Solar Radiophysics with HF Radars

RYABOV, Boris; Institute of Astronomy of the Latvian University; Invited talk: Coronal Magnetography from Quasi-transverse propagation

SHIBASAKI, Kiyoto; Nobeyama Radio Observatory; Invited talk: Flare imaging observations

SMOLKOV, Guennadi; Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of RAS SD; Invited talk: Future plans and technical developments for the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope ; Poster: Some Results of Researches at the SSRT

STEWART, Kenneth; Naval Research Laboratory; Poster: Active Balun/Dipole Development for the Low Frequency Array

VOURLIDAS, Angelos; Naval Research Laboratory

WEBB, David; Boston College; Poster (tentative): Observing CMEs Against the Solar Disk with FASR

WHITE, Stephen; University of Maryland; Invited talk: Gyroresonance diagnostics of coronal magnetic fields

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