Author Info: Kluwer ASSL Volume

Solar and Space Weather Radiophysics

Editors: Dale E. Gary & Christoph U. Keller

Final Draft: 

It is done! This is the final draft of the book, as of 2004 May 21. The book is now being sent to the printer at Kluwer, with completion expected by mid-September. The cover proof is shown below. The full book is available for download in PDF format from the link below.

Solar and Space Weather Radiophysics (download entire book--19 MB pdf!)

Each chapter can also be downloaded separately by clicking on the individual chapter links. PDF files are downloaded via the chapter title links, and the individual chapter Latex and figure files are downloaded via the ZIP links. Please let me know if you discover a broken link.

My thanks to all of the authors for your hard work and putting up with my demands. I think the result is worth the effort, and hopefully the book will receive wide circulation--tell your friends, colleagues, and family members!

Chapter Title        (Chapters with  have a pdf file available) Author
Chapter 1 Overview of Solar and Space Weather Radiophysics


Chapter 2 Overview of Solar Radiophysics and Interplanetary Disturbances Pick
Chapter 3 The Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope Bastian
Chapter 4 Radio Spectral Diagnostics Gary & Hurford
Chapter 5 Coronal Magnetic Field Measurements Through Gyroresonance Emission White
Chapter 6 Coronal Magnetic Fields Measurements Through Bremsstrahlung Emission Gelfreikh
Chapter 7 Coronal Magnetic Field Measurements Through Quasi-transverse Propagation Ryabov
Chapter 8 Overview of Solar Flares: The Yohkoh Perspective Hudson, Fletcher, Khan & Kosugi
Chapter 9 Solar Flares: Particle Acceleration and Transport Lee
Chapter 10 Decimeter Burst Emission and Particle Acceleration Benz
Chapter 11 Radio Signatures of Coronal Mass Ejections Vourlidas
Chapter 12 Tomographic 3D Modeling of the Solar Corona with FASR Aschwanden, Alexander & DeRosa
Chapter 13 Coronal Diagnostics With Coordinated Radio and EUV/Soft X-Ray Observations Brosius
Chapter 14 Radio Observations of the Quiet Sun Keller & Krucker
Chapter 15 Interplanetary Radio Bursts Gopalswamy
Chapter 16 Prospects for Solar Radar Coles
Chapter 17 Interplanetary Scintillation Diagnostics of the Solar Corona and InterplanetarySpace Jackson