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Second Announcement
Green Bank Workshop on
Solar Radiophysics with the
Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Green Bank, WV 24944 USA
23-25 May, 2002
Online Registration Form (Now Available)

Scientific Organizing Committee
Local Organizing Committee
Stephen White (U Maryland, chair)
Timothy Bastian (NRAO)
Nat Gopalswamy (Catholic U)
Dale Gary (NJIT)
Andrew Harris (U Maryland)
Becky Warner (NRAO)
Gordon Hurford (UC Berkeley)
Shirley Curry (NRAO)
Christoph Keller (NSO)
James Klimchuk (NRL)
Kenneth Lang (Tufts U)
Monique Pick (Meudon)
John Webber (NRAO)

The Green Bank Workshop on Solar Radiophysics with the Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR)  is being convened to identify, define, and prioritize the science requirements of this unique instrument. A preliminary schedule of the workshop program may be found below, as well as additional logistical details regarding poster presentations, travel, lodging, and meals. Please take the time to submit the online registration form  in order to confirm your participation and to provide us with the details of your itiinerary and whether or not you wish to present a poster paper.

Most of the speakers have already been contacted, and have been asked to make presentations on specific topics.  We have scheduled ample time for discussion after each session and strongly encourage everyone to participate. A limited amount of display space will be available for posters and we therefore welcome poster presentations on topics tof interest to workshop participants.  When filling out the registration form, please confirm that you would like poster space, and provide a title and short abstract so that we can make up a booklet of abstracts.

If you are giving a previously arranged oral presentation (as shown on the schedule below), we encourage you to submit Powerpoint files a few days before the meeting. All presentations will subsequently be posted on the FASR web site in order to document the workshop proceedings.  If you are not using Powerpoint for your presentation, we would like to copy the material presented, in order to scan and post it on the web site.  If you are giving an oral presentation, but would also like to present a poster, please submit the registration form TWICE, once for each abstract.  To avoid confusion, please select the same options and dates both times.

The workshop is generously supported by NSF,  NASA, and our hosts, the NRAO.  Travel support is limited, however, and arrangements will be made on an individual basis.  Please contact Dale Gary ( for more information.  This will be an inexpensive meeting, since there is no registration fee, all local support at Green Bank (meals and lodging)  will be provided by NRAO.

Lodging and meals will be organized by NRAO.  Participants will be housed either in the Observatory residence hall or in a nearby motel.  When filling out the registration form, please indicate whether you have transportation while at the meeting, your arrival date and your departure date.  People without a car and those staying after the meeting will be given preference for an on-site room.  All meals will be served in the Observatory cafeteria.  A block of rooms has been reserved and paid for in advance for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights at the Hermitage, located 13 km from the Green Bank site.  It is not necessary to reserve a room explicitly by calling the motel--that will be done for you based on your response on the registration form.

We have purposely scheduled the meeting to be just before the American Geophysical Union meeting in Washington.  Travel arrangements will be the responsibility of each participant.  See the Green Bank visitors page for detailed directions and maps from  major airports in the area. For those coming from overseas, the recommended airport is Dulles Internation Airport to the west of Washington, DC. .

Green Bank, West Virginia, is the site of the first telescopes of the NRAO. It is located in a National Radio Quiet Zone in the mountains of West Virginia and is surrounded by the Monogahela National Forest.  There are many opportunities for outdoor activities in the area which participants may take advantage of before or after the Workshop.

The Green Bank facility of the NRAO has more than 100 employees including 15 radio astronomers and an equal number of engineers and other professionals.  The Observatory is the site of the new 100 meter, unblocked-aperture, radio telescope which is now undergoing commissioning and is conducting the first scientific observations. Information about the NRAO at Green Bank can be obtained from the web site: .

Please contact the local organizers for issues concerning the Workshop:  Tim Bastian (, 434-296-0348); Dale Gary (, 973-642-7878).  You may also contact Becky Warner at , or call:
Phone:  (304) 456-2227
Fax:      (304) 456-2229

In order to confirm each attendee, we ask that you complete and submit the online registration form.  Even if you have already pre-registered by the earlier form, we need additional information that you will supply on the above form.