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2.1-m Antennas2016 December2016 November
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2018 April2018 February2018 January
2018 July2018 March27-m Antenna Commands
Antenna PositionAttenuation and Level Control
Baseline CalibrationBasic GitHub Tutorial
Calibration DatabaseCalibration OverviewCalibrator Survey
Common.cssComputer System OverviewComputing Systems
Control CommandsCreate CASA measurement setsCreate EOVSA CASA measurement sets
Daily Gain CalibrationDealing with Radio Frequency InterferenceDelay Calibration
Downconversion and Frequency Tuning
EOVSA Imaging WorkshopExpanded Owens Valley Solar Array
Flare ImagingFrequency TuningGX Simulator
GX Simulator HelpHardware Overview
How to installImagingInformation
InstallationLinear to Circular ConversionMovies
NetworkPointing CalibrationPolarization Calibration
Polarization Mixing Correction (Old)Polarization Mixing Due to Feed Rotation
Read MeReference Gain CalibrationSchedule Commands
Solar-Soft InstallationSpectrogram SoftwareStarburst
Stateframe DatabaseSurvey ResultsSwitching between 200 MHz and 300 MHz Correlator
System Gain CalibrationTohban RecordsTotal Power Calibration
Trouble Shooting GuideVLA 20120225VLA 20160218
VLA 20160219VLA 20160409VLA 20160416
VLA Data Survey