2016 November

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Nov 04

19:18 UT Reboot ROACHes to clear fault light and test whether large delays are still present. They were power-cycled and reloaded.

19:24 UT Started roachcal.scd to take packet capture data for checking delays. Still bad!

Nov 05

03:41 UT Found a potential problem in DELAYCAL_END.ctl, so took another two sets of roachcal.scd data. Still bad!

04:14 UT Started roachcal.scd for another set of data. After studying schedule.py, another problem was found. DELAYCAL_END command has to have CIEL-2 as second value on the line, otherwise source id is set to None! Yay! It finally worked!

Nov 09

01:08 UT Set up the schedule to do a long run on 3C84 with the low-frequency receiver, using pcal_lo.fsq (all bands 2.5-6 GHz). One major change is that the PA can be set, so I set it for -30. I would predict that the chi-dependence will shift by 30 degrees (the phase jump will occur at a different hour angle), but the non-intersecting axes issue will cause the same symmetric phase rotation (it depends on elevation only).

04:20 UT 3C84 schedule begins 12:20 UT 3C84 schedule should end.