2017 June

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Jun 09

12:35 UT Good news! The 27-m receiver is back. When installed, it seemed to have a problem still with the Hi H polarization (0 drain current), but this morning the drain current is back... Mark says he will try replacing the Bias board today, but in the meantime, I am taking data on 2136+006, with pcal_hi-all.fsq, with the 200 MHz correlator. I hope to be able to set the delays as soon as the first data are available (the first scan started 12:34 UT). Note that I also updated the FEM and DCM attenuation settings this morning, so everything should be more or less operational.

13:15 UT The delays were very bad! But I was able to find relatively good settings, and have updated the delays and restarted the scan. I restarted it at 13:13 UT, but then aborted, increased the time on source by another hour, and restarted at 13:15 UT. So the actual useful scan will start at 13:15 UT and go until 14:34 UT. I hope there are no flares that we'll miss in that extra hour...there is a little flare going on right now, but too early for us anyway.

Jun 11

10:45 UT We should have two days of reasonable data for calibrating (full-disk, but no flares), on Jun 09 & 10. Last night I loaded the 300 MHz design (but running at 200 MHz) for more tests by Jack. He thinks the design may run correctly (?) if we reduce the accumulation length to 2048 samples/accumulation. I will try that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I reloaded the 200 MHz design this morning, and will need to take calibration data to set delays. Observations on 2253+161 started a few minutes ago.