2017 March

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Mar 02

03:05 UT The 27-m is back in service, so I am grabbing a quick 3C84 observation to check, and possibly adjust, the delays. I will plan to do a two-source observation (3C273 and 3C286) overnight, using 3bands.fsq.

03:50 UT I got good delays and set them, so now I will take a few minutes of 3C84 data as a further test with them applied. The HA on the big dish is now 49.5 degrees, and the HA limit is set to 50 degrees so that the cable alarm does not get set again by going too far. So I should see the dish hit the soft limit in a few minutes. Yep, right on schedule.

04:06 UT I have verified the delays are good (except ant 4 is still showing a lot of noise, so no delay solution). I have now set up my two-source observation to start at 07:00 UT.