2018 April

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Apr 02

14:01 UT This morning after the low-frequency receiver observation, I updated the Ant14-lo delay by 4 ns, so the solar observations will differ from the phase calibration by that amount, for the low-frequency receiver calibration.

19:20 UT Oops. I inadvertently updated the high-frequency receiver delay on Ant 14 this morning. This does not affect solar observations, but did mess up the phasecals for today. I have now updated both high- and low-receiver delays. My high-receiver changes affect more than just Ant 14, since many of the delays were off by 0.1 ns from their optimal value, so it will be simplest just to use the end-of-the-day refcal for calibration of today's data.

Apr 06

19:00 UT I received an email from Mark at OVRO saying that the Ant 14 receiver had warmed up, which turns out to be due to a vacuum leak in one of the windows (the Hi-freq Receiver, I guess, since the other window is not under vacuum). He will see if the window can be repaired on the telescope, or must be brought down to fix. Meanwhile, we will have no calibrations for the foreseeable future.

Apr 09

13:11 UT I discovered this morning that the UDB processing pipeline was not running since Apr. 06. I removed the lock file, and although it shows signs of working, no new files are created yet.