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The data EOVSA are stored in MIRIAD data format. To use CASA to process the data, one will need to import MIRIAD visibilities to be converted to a CASA Measurement Set (MS).

Import visibilities from MIRIAD

We have written a CASA task named importeovsa. The task importeovsa allows one to import visibilities in MIRIAD data format (IDB/UDB) to create MS file(s). The inputs are:

#  importeovsa :: Import EOVSA idb file(s) to a measurement set or multiple measurement set
idbfiles            =         ''        #  Name of input EOVSA idb file(s) or observation time range.
timebin             =       '0s'        #  Bin width for time averaging
width               =          1        #  Width of output channel relative to MS channel (# to average)
visprefix           =         ''        #  Prefix of vis names (may include the path).
nocreatms           =      False        #  If setting nocreatms True, will simulate a model measurement set for the first idb file and copy the model for the rest of idl files in list. If False, will
                                        #   simulate a new measurement set for every idbfile in list.
doconcat            =      False        #  If concatenate multi casa measurement sets to one file.
modelms             =         ''        #  Name of input model measurement set file. If modelms is assigned, no simulation will start.