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Import visibilities from MIRIAD

The data EOVSA are stored in MIRIAD data format. To use CASA to process the data, one will need to import MIRIAD visibilities to be converted to a CASA Measurement Set (MS).

Using the importeovsa task

We have written a CASA task named importeovsa. The task importeovsa allows one to import visibilities in MIRIAD data format (IDB/UDB) to create MS file(s). The inputs are:

#  importeovsa :: Import EOVSA idb file(s) to a measurement set or multiple measurement set
idbfiles            =         ''        #  Name of input EOVSA idb file(s) or observation time range.
timebin             =       '0s'        #  Bin width for time averaging
width               =          1        #  Width of output channel relative to MS channel (# to average)
visprefix           =         ''        #  Prefix of vis names (may include the path).
nocreatms           =      False        #  If setting nocreatms True, will simulate a model measurement set for the first idb file and copy the model for the rest of idl files in list. If False, will
                                        #   simulate a new measurement set for every idbfile in list.
doconcat            =      False        #  If concatenate multi casa measurement sets to one file.
modelms             =         ''        #  Name of input model measurement set file. If modelms is assigned, no simulation will start.

To be finished ......