DG Notes on 20170904 Event

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There are various scripts for doing the imaging and self calibration, but they require explanation on how to use them. This page is meant to provide step-by-step explanation on analyzing one event, the M5.5 flare that occurred on 2017-Sep-04. I earlier did an initial study of this event, but in a hurried fashion in order to use the results for a proposal (which was successful, by the way!). I would like to do a more careful job with the initial calibration and analysis, and then continue with a second round of self calibration.

Initial Preparation

The data begin as raw data in Miriad format, recorded to disk by the pipeline system, in the form of IDB files. These files each contain 10-min of data, with several such files together representing a scan. The easiest way to identify the time period of interest is to examine the overview spectral plots on the RHESSI Browser