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Here are some basic information on CASA and the software we are developing:

  • suncasa A CASA/python-based package being developed for imaging and visualizing spectral imaging data. ONLY AVAILABLE on UNIX-BASED PLATFORMS (MacOS High-Sierra and later, REDHAT 6 & 7 and equivalents)
  • Obtaining CASA; CASA Guides

Using SunCASA

Setup connections to AWS server

  • Obtain SSH Key from Bin Chen
  • Put it under a secure location on your own machine. Recommend to use "~/.ssh" (create it if it does not exist by "mkdir ~/.ssh").
  • Edit the permission of ~/.ssh and the key (here I use ~/.ssh as the directory to place your key)
chmod -R 700 ~/.ssh
chmod 400 guest_key.pem
  • Log on to Bin's test AWS server
ssh -XY -i ~/.ssh/guest_key.pem guest@ 

Setup SunCASA on your own machine