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(Launching the GSFITVIEW GUI Application)
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=GSFITVIEW Installation=
GSFITWIEW is part of the GSFIT IDL Package
'''To get installation instructions for the IDL GSFIT package, please follow [http://www.ovsa.njit.edu/wiki/index.php/EOVSA_Data_Analysis_Tutorial#GSFIT_Installation_on_Your_Own_Machine this link]'''
=Launching the GSFITVIEW GUI Application=
The GSFITVIEW GUI application may be launched as follows
IDL> gsfitview [,gsfitmaps]
where the optional '''gsfitmaps''' argument is an IDL data and parameter map structure produced by the GSFIT or GSFITCP applications.
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The GSFITVIEW GUI is organized as follows:
*A top Toolbar Menu that implements all of the actions

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