VLA 20160219

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This observation was made in C configuration (max baseline length 3 km) with the full array (27 antennas) in L band (1-2 GHz), with 2 MHz frequency resolution and 50 ms time resolution. The observation was coordinated with Hinode and NuSTAR. One C-class flares were covered: A C1.2 eruptive flare at the limb N11W88 starting at 19:59 and a C1.4 flare from AR 2501 near the disk center N03E23. RHESSI data is available for the impulsive phase of the C1.4 flare. File:20160218 sum.png

  • link to VLA overview movie: this should have ~10 s cadence at several frequencies (perhaps one for each spw, so 8), zoomed in to the flare site.

List of Events/Features

Time Feature Event Location RHESSI Quicklook Images Comments
18:42-18:44 No File:Feb19.png