2020 August

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August 22

14:05 UT Start of re-analysis of polarization for 2017 July active region. The relevant X-Y polarization observations were taken on 2017-July-02, but pcal_anal() data were deleted, so they are being recreated now. Once they are done, the xydelay_anal() routine will be rerun and compared with the SQL record already stored for those data.

14:53 UT That was successful, and I was able to recreate the xy_phase dictionary. The result is essentially identical with the one I got originally. I conclude that there is no need to do any reanalysis of X-Y phase correction.

15:41 UT I have now checked the phase calibration for Jul 5-17, and it all looks correct and very beautiful. I will next check the total power calibration, and if all looks good I can proceed with running the pipeline on that range of dates.