2018 January

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Jan 14

16:38 UT I just turned on automatic SK flagging of RFI. We will see what problems it creates...

Jan 20

It was windy all day, so no calibrations could be done. The calibration for the following day (Jan 21) was written to the SQL database at 2018 Jan 20, 14:00 UT.

Jan 22

We had a power outage at around 15:10 UT, lasting until a few hours later.

Jan 23

19:35 UT Kjell modified Ant 1 DCM to add an optical attenuator, in an attempt to reduce the sensitivity of baselines with Ant 1 to air conditioning cycling. I will check the results after some time has passed.

Jan 30

00:10 UT Delays were reset except for ant 6. They were found to have not been reset following the power outage on Jan 22.

03:35 UT Delay was reset for ant 6.

15:47 UT Delays were adjusted again.