2019 July

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July 02

12:14 UT Today I set all of the antennas (1-13) back to their old pointing coefficients from before I did the pointing measurements. For whatever reason, the update to the pointing measurements was incorrect and nothing I did could make the updated pointing coefficients work. I really do not understand why the update should fail. I suppose I need to go through the algorithm in detail and see if there is a bug somewhere. I did leave the 27-m (ant14) pointing coefficients updated, although I do not have a good way to check how good they are.

July 23

12:54 UT Yesterday I attempted to reset the DCM master table, but I messed up the command and the result was a table that was very much mis-set. Probably yesterday's data are not much good. This morning I figured out what went wrong, and reset it to correct values in time for the morning high-frequency receiver calibration. I am trying to determine the EQ coefficients and come up with a scheme for setting them quickly and automatically, and to allow them to vary with antenna and band.