27-m Antenna Commands

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JWL 2015-10-14

Command Syntax Arguments Value(s) Units Description Hardware


FRM-HOME frm-home <ant> <ant> antenna ant14 | ant15 Homes the x-axis (receiver select),

and Position anole axis. This

Geo Brick LV (PMAC)
FRM-RX-SEL frmr-rx-sel <rx> <ant> <rx> receiver no. Lo | Hi

<ant> antenna ant14 | ant15

Move x- and z-axes to select receiver.

1: low-frequency receiver, 2 : high-frequency receiver.

Geo Brick LV (PMAC)
FRM-SET-PA frm-set-pa <pa> <ant> <pa> position angle -90 to 90 degrees

<ant> antenna ant14 | ant15

Set the position angle for polarization.

Pointing to the south, the angle is 0˚

Geo Brick LV (PMAC)