2020 December

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December 07

19:06 UT We had a really nice flare this morning, with lots of coherent emission at lower frequencies. This is just a note that I noticed Antenna 10 was not pointing well, so after the 18:30 UT pointing calibration I updated the Antenna 10 pointing coordinates. This could affect calibration for that antenna during the flare, so this note is to alert users of those data about this potential issue.

December 08

14:39 UT Last night I did a series of calibrations while changing the focus position on the high receiver. To my surprise, although I changed it from its nominal 7 mm to 58 mm, it did not go out of focus, but rather the focus seemed to improve. In fact, it looks like I should continue to move the focus to higher values and it may continue to improve. Tonight I will repeat it with larger focus offsets to find the maximum.