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(VLA Flarev List)
(VLA Flare List)
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== VLA Flare List ==
== VLA Flare List ==
[http://www.ovsa.njit.edu/wiki/index.php/VLA_Data_Survey#List_of_Jansky_VLA_Solar_Observations VLA_Data_Survey]
See [http://www.ovsa.njit.edu/wiki/index.php/VLA_Data_Survey#List_of_Jansky_VLA_Solar_Observations This Link] for a list of VLA flares.

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EOVSA (Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array) is a new solar-dedicated radio interferometer operated by the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This wiki serves as the site for EOVSA documentation.

EOVSA Documentation

Using EOVSA Data

System Software

Observing Log

2016 November

2016 December

2017 January

2017 February

2017 March

2017 April

2017 May

2017 June

2017 July

2017 August

2017 September

2017 October

2017 November

2017 December

2018 January

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2018 July


Trouble Shooting Guide

Tohban Records

EOVSA Flare List

See this link for a list of EOVSA flares as a Google Spreadsheet.

Another link available at the EOVSA website.

EOVSA Publications

Here is a list of publications that utilizes EOVSA data.

Polito et al. (2018), ApJ, 864, 63 Broad Non-Gaussian Fe XXIV Line Profiles in the Impulsive Phase of the 2017 September 10 X8.3-class Flare Observed by Hinode/EIS
Gary et al. (2018), ApJ, 863, 83 Microwave and Hard X-Ray Observations of the 2017 September 10 Solar Limb Flare
Kuroda et al. (2018), ApJ, 852, 32 Three-dimensional Forward-fit Modeling of the Hard X-ray and the Microwave Emissions of the 2015 June 22 M6.5 flare

VLA Flare List

See This Link for a list of VLA flares.