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GSFIT is an IDL-widget(GUI)-based spectral fitting package that provides a user-friendly display of EOVSA image cubes and an interface to fast fitting codes (via platform-dependent shared-object libraries). Fits to individual spectra can be done quickly for manual investigation using a GUI application called GSFIT, while parallel/multi-core batch processing of selected blocks of data can also be performed using a command prompt application called GSFITCP. A helper routine called GSFITVIEW allows further display and investigation of the fitting results. For detailed information about these applications, please visit the pages linked below.

Platform specific installation instructions for the GSFIT package are provided on this page.

GSFIT IDL Version Requirements (All Platforms)

IDL8.4, or higher, is needed for running any of the applications included in this package.

GSFIT Linux / Mac OS Requirements

On Mac and Unix platforms, the gfortran compiler must be also installed to allow automatic compilation of the source code located in the ..//gsfit/unix directory, in order to generate a series of shared libraries, when gsfit is launched for the first time. WARNING: For this action to be successfully completed, the user must have writing rights to the ..//gsfit/unix directory.

If needed, instructions for installing the gfortran compiler may be found here.

GSFIT Windows OS Requirements

The GSFIT package is distributed along with a set of dynamic link libraries located in the ..//gsfit/win subfolder, which have been compiled assuming a WIN64 architecture. For Win32, please contact us to inquire about alternative options.


The release version of the IDL GSFIT package is intended to be distributed through the SSW IDL repository. Although installed as a stand-alone package, the GSFIT code relies on a series of IDL support routines that are part of the gx_simulator package. Therefore, in addition to installing the gsfit package , the gx_simulator package must be also installed. This installation can be performed by issuing an upgrade command, i.e.

IDL> ssw_upgrade,/gsfit,/gx_simulator,/gen,/spawn,/loud,/passive_ftp 

GSFIT SSW Instrument Setup

After the SSW installation is upgraded to include gsfit and gx_simulator packages, to ensure proper functionality, one should also edit the sswidl.bat (on Windows platforms) or cshrc (on Unix or Mac platforms) scripts to include gx_simulator and gsfit in the SSW_INSTR path declaration, i.e.

set SSW_INSTR=gx_simulator, gsfit [...] 

where [..] denotes any other SSW packages already installed.

GSFIT Manual Stand-Alone Installation

Although not reccomended, one may in principle choose to install the gsfit and gx_simulator packages in standalone directories that are not part of the SSW repositories. However if this (not recommended) option is used, the gsfit and gx_simulator paths should be explicitly added to the IDL !path global variable, i.e.

and explicitly add this path to your IDL path structure.

IDL> !path='..//gsfit/idl:'+!path
IDL> !path='..//gx_simulator/idl:'+!path

where ../ should be replaced with the explicit paths to the respective local machine repositories.