Solar Radiophysics with the
Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Green Bank, WV 24944 USA
23-25 May, 2002


MAY 23
Session I 09:40am - 10:40pm Introduction and Overview
09:00 am Philip Jewell Welcome
09:10 am Tim Bastian Science with FASR and strawman specifications (PDF)
09:40 am Dale Gary Phase A study activities and workshop goals
10:20 am Darrel Emerson Technical goals
Break (10:40 - 11:00 am
Session IIa
(Chair: Hudson)
11:00 am - 01:00 pm Flare Science I
11:00 am Kiyoto Shibasaki Flare imaging observations by the Nobeyama Radioheliograph
11:30 am Jeongwoo Lee Radio Studies of Solar Flares
12:00 pm Gregory Fleishman Requirements for spectral and temporal resolution to study kinetic processes in solar plasma
12:30 pm   Discussion (30 min)
Lunch (01:00 - 2:00 pm
Session IIb
(Chair: Gopalswamy)
02:00 pm - 03:20 pm Flare Science II
02:00 pm Markus Aschwanden Time Scales of Solar Flare Phenomena
02:30 pm Hugh Hudson The Yohkoh observations of solar flares
03:00 pm   Discussion (20 min)
Break (03:20 - 03:40 pm
Session III
(Chair: Drago)
03:40 pm - 06:00 pm Coronal Magnetic Fields
03:40 pm Stephen White Radio Observations of Gyroresonance Emission from Coronal Magnetic Fields
04:05 pm George Gelfreikh Bremsstrahlung diagnostics of coronalmagnetic fields (PDF)
04:30 pm Jeff Brosius Coronal Diagnostics With Coordinated Radio and EUV/Soft X-Ray Observations(PDF)
04:55 pm Boris Ryabov Coronal Magnetography from Quasi-Transverse Propogation (PDF)
05:20 pm   Discussion (40 min)
Special Night Session
(Chair: Shibasaki) 
08:00 pm - 09:30 pm Other relevant telescopes
08:00 pm G. Ya Smolkov Future plans and technical developments for the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope
08:15 pm V. Bogod Future plans and technical developments for the RATAN-600 telescope
08:30 pm Gordon Hurford The RHESSI - FASR Connection (PDF)
08:45 pm A. Kerdraon Nancay Radioheliograph
09:00 pm Dale Gary OVSA Experience of Relevance to FASR
09:15 pm Namir Kassim Thoughts on LOFAR/FASR Synergy (PDF)
09:30 pm Tim Bastian EVLA
09:45 pm   Discussion
MAY 24
Session IV
(Chair: Vourlidas)
09:00 - 11:10 am Low-Frequency Science
09:00 am Alain Kerdraon Special Issues in low frequency solar radio observation
09:25 am Arnold Benz Coherent burst emission
09:50 am Hilary Cane Meter wavelength radio bursts and what we still don't know  (PDF)
10:15 am Bill Erickson Active Balun/Dipole Development for the Low Frequency Array (PDF)
10:40 am   Discussion (30 min)
Break (11:10 - 11:30 am
Session V
(Chair: Webb)
11:30 am - 02:30 pm Non-Flare Science
11:30 am Christoph Keller FASR and the Quiet Sun (PDF)
11:50 am Sam Krucker Coronal heating and microbursts (PDF)
12:10 pm Nat Gopalswamy Radio observations of coronal mass ejections
12:30 pm Monique Pick Flares, CMEs and Interplanetary Disturbances
Lunch (01:00 - 2:00 pm)
02:00 pm   Discussion (30 min)
Session VI
(Chair: Erickson)
02:30 pm - 05:50 pm Subsystem Design Issues
02:30 pm Dave de Boer Antennas from an ATA Perspective (PDF)
03:00 pm Ray Escoffier Correlators(PDF)
03:30 pm Ed Ackerman Fiber Optic Technology for Antenna Remoting 
Break (04:00 - 04:20 pm
04:20 pm Rick Fisher Spectral requirements and interference excision (PDF)
04:50 pm Rich Bradley Broad Bandwidth Feeds for Reflector Antennas (PDF)
05:20 pm Tim Bastian FASR Antenna Size and Configuration
05:50 pm   Discussion (30 min)
06:20 pm   Barbecue Evening
MAY 25
Session VII
(Chair: Keller)
09:00 am - 10:50 am Other Issues
09:00 am Shinzo Enome Nobeyama Perspective on Calibration (PDF)
09:25 am Gordon Hurford Solar calibration strategies
09:50 am Dale Gary Site issues for FASR
10:15 am   Discussion (45 min) Reaching consensus on Science Drivers
Summary Session 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Summary and Rapporteur Session
  Tim Bastian FASR Science Drivers (Summary Session)
  Stephen White FASR at low frequencies
  Gordon Hurford  
  Dale Gary Future Activities for FASR
:Lunch (01:00 - 2:00 pm
02:00 pm GBT tour  


Poster Abstracts